Green Spaces


We at Green Spaces connect people with nature as a way of life. Everything we are into, be it Eco living, Wellness, Eco Retreats or Organic Farms, has nature at its core. We believe in taking care of nature as it takes care of us. That's why we build communities of like-minded people who explore and appreciate nature without disturbing its harmony. As an ode to nature, we have planted and nurtured thousands of trees since our inception. We have also been felicitated with the prestigious 'Vanashree Awar'’ by the government for our efforts towards forestation and development of barren lands into green pastures. Even our office is a certified Green Building, which saves energy and promotes healthy living by conserving natural resources. At Green Spaces, it's our constant endeavour to maintain a finer balance between humanity and nature. We strive to co-exist with nature.


Our corporate office building is a first certified green building in Nashik that demonstrates eco-friendly and energy efficient construction. The use of natural materials and well thought-through planning makes it the most sought after architectural design. From water harvesting to natural lighting, every detail is planned to provide a cool and comfortable work environment.


Fly ash, natural and Godhra bricks are used for construction

Cooling pipes are installed within the office structure to circulate pre-cooled water.

The sky lights and turbo ventilator act like a solar chimney that flushes out warm air.

Glass and cross ventilation maximizes natural daylight.

Sun reflective UV paint on roof and flooring keep the temperature controlled.

Recycle rainwater in basement tanks is reused for flushing, irrigation and radiating cooling water.


As an environmentally aware company, we look for ways to recycle products to reduce our carbon footprint. When we saw scrapped wood lying around, we pondered over the possibility of reusing it and thus started creating reclaimed wood furniture. Our carpentry team reuses the waste wood collected to create beautiful bespoke furniture. Every piece of furniture is solidly built and make an integral part of all our lifestyle projects. Even the unique species of plants and trees that are seen doting our projects are first seeded and nurtured at our green workshop and then planted meticulously at the decided location.


Even though Green Spaces is an environmentally responsible company, our efforts are not just limited to our ventures.

We strongly believe that every human being is special, and with adequate support, they can achieve greatness. So, we started an NGO ‘Hausla’ with an aim to help the gifted children in Nashik District lead a better life.

Nashik Cyclist
Through Nashik Cyclist we wanted to create awareness about the benefits of cycling. As a constant reminder to this initiative, we have created a traffic island with a huge wooden sculpture of a cyclist at the road intersection leading to our office.

The eco-drive plantation movement encourages people to keep the city green. From the last 20 years, we have planted more than 52000 trees.

Head Office:
Green Spaces , Yashwant Society, Model Colony Circle, College Road, Nashik 422 005

Mumbai Office:
B-604, Neelkanth Business Park, Station Road, Vidyavihar (W), Mumbai 400 086

E: info@greenspaces.asia
C: +91 253 3520000